B-52 LG-7512
B-52 LG-7512

LG-7512, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from B-52 in the LG series.

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bobafett_ordmantell 07/08/2005

B-52 LG-7512 : bobafett_ordmantell's user review


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Transistor amplifier
75 watts 8 Ohms
A clear channel and a channel in a saturated dclin overdrive and distortion gain more pchue name, so basically 3 channels with footswitch.
gain settings for all channels / input / output and bass / midrange / aigus.rverb. contour.


The rglages are simple, whether for one or other of the channels, we gain the RULES of the bass / mid / high, the output level and go. this is not an amp or it will take the head to find a sound, you plug the little scratches, it lights the rveil neighbor and after turning two three buttons we send the pure direct.
There is a small rverb that my taste is more gimmick than anything else. We can rgler contour at the channel level 'gain' cool.
This gives a good sound very easy matter since the amp rglages a hit the base. The guys who are working to challenge music nancy believed they had an amp to light the very first time they have played it. There have disassemble mm to be sure that there was no lamp pramp train but none of this is all transistor and gives ca.
The manual? not needed so the machine is simple


This amp suits me very well, either for or mtal rock. This is an amp with mm when a lot of mdiums I find, but gain with the gain of the bottom, bass / treble to maximum and the mini mediums, ca sends sec.
My guitar is a Jackson soloist team in SLSMG EMG 81/85, and I play multi without effect. I possde a Korg Ax 1500G and affirm that this type of multi effect can dnaturer carrment the sound of an amp of this type. Otherwise, I find this amp to him MRIT adding a small BOSS Super Chorus pedals, but that's according to the taste, I find just the lack of clean sound a little something.
Good sounds are Obviously I get dry and cold I saw the guitar, and I did not test the amp with other guitars.


I've had a few good months, it really is an amp that surpase other of its class I think.
It is really cool for her fet easy to use, it sends the sound, and then the report qualitprix course.
I have yet to exprience on this amp, but it left my air so that we do a good bit of road together two of us, so yes I would do the choices mm.