B-52 LG-7512
B-52 LG-7512

LG-7512, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from B-52 in the LG series.

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iamqman 01/18/2012

B-52 LG-7512 : iamqman's user review

« nah not my thing »

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The B-52 amplifiers are sort of the low end type of amplifier company that really tailors towards the budgeted musician who is looking for something pretty inexpensive and self explanatory across the control knobs and dials. These answer kind of busy sounding in my opinion and they don't really articulate dynamics very well. They don't have a very good sound in general but I find that the people that they market their products to our really looking for the total bliss that you would find in high-end amplifiers of some sort or even boutique amplifiers. These are the kind of amps that are going to give a beginner or learner something to feel comfortable with. So I have to keep in mind that these simple solid-state combos art for the professional music musician in mind but rather the person learning to develop their guitar skills as an entry level form.


LG-7512 features and specifications

• Custom built, heavy-duty B-52 12” speakers
• Overdrive Channel: Gain 1, Gain 2 with contour,
• 3-band EQ and level control
• Clean Channel: 3-band EQ and level control
• Master volume and spring reverb

• Effects send and return with level controls
• Footswitch for channel select,
• reverb on/off, gain select
• Pushswitch for channel select, gain select
• Dimensions: 25" x 19 " x 11"
• Weight: 51lbs


This guitar is basically a two channel amplifier that has a simple clean one and gain two with a contoured control knob. You often also have a basic tree band EQ as well. It comes with a spring reverb which doesn't sound that bad actually. You can switch the reverb on and off to your total needs. In addition there's a headphones line out so you can play relatively comfortable with silence playing or you can just unhook back and run a line out into a mixing console or your computer if you have an interface to do so. The cleans are probably better than the gain and a sense that they get sparkly and chimy type of clean tone. The solid-state is not can have a whole lot dynamics and you're really not to feel that to feel that you'd feel out of the tube amplifier. Overall it's a decent amplifier for the money and for someone who's looking for something inexpensive.


These products of been discontinued for a while so you can only find them in the used section of classifieds. Generally the B-52s amplifiers you can find in many guitar retailer such as the big outlet guitar retailers of Sam Ash or guitar centers. They usually carry this brand so if you're looking for something local I would start with that. You can always be found online to which is a more comfortable easier reach but again you won't build a plant. This is not a bad amplifier for the money if you're looking for something to learn how to play the guitar with.