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Meuh_gné 09/17/2006

Crate GX15R : Meuh_gné's user review


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So a 15 wa p'tit between transistors with a jack, a cd, and a line out I think ...
It has a clean channel and overdrive has a stack ...


As for the config there is no concern of plug and play, you turn the knobs to max you got a crystal clean sound very nice typical metal (well clean metal ^ ^), you fools in the middle, a ta his bluesy nice round greasy, friendly, and you fools all zero ... in fact you fools not all zero.

I had no hand being given that this amp is a gift from a friend ... but there's no problem.



In fact I use this amp in Parallel with Marshmall VS100. The marshall is responsible for the distortion venere (ave a ton of effects including Warp Factor, Equa, multi, reverbs and other ...), and Crate handles it sounds clean. I toggle between two amps ac an A / B of the practices (behringer thank you!). The clean sound is his forte! I find real pleasure and delight to hear. The reverb is quite his job, but strangely she emits a big buzz when I was up more than three quarters ... weird.

So I will not speak of the channel distortion, which is simply a stack. No potato, its a cold, no way out a palm worthy of the name, or type a solo is emetic. Even the saturation of Darkthrone or Mayhem on the "Live in Leipzig" is better ...


Actually I have two years, but I'm using that I sinc my channel selector A / B, ie for a week.

MIAM clear sound.
The saturation BLOUARK.

The level it would rival my Marshall for clean sounds, so franchemen well.
I do not know the price, but it seems to me that the report is correct.