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Bixbeee 12/30/2011

Fender Deluxe 85 : Bixbeee's user review

«  Excellent transistor amplifier »

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The technical aspect has been largely developed below. This is a transistor 65 watts RMS (85 watts).


Operation is relatively simple, except for the use of two channels in parallel which may require some tedious settings.


This is where I want to emphasize. I note here a transistor amplifier with an average value of 250/300 euros (in 2011) ... It's just one of the nicest clean sounds I heard on the transistor, it's close to perfection, cleans and sounds have nothing to envy to some tube amps! It's late and slamming as one would expect from fender. Excellent with a stratum.
The downside for me is the saturated channel that sounds very "80's" and is quite metallic and cold, without much life, so not very interesting. But all this is very subjective ... The strength of this amp is definitely clear sound. The spring reverb is really nice, short for the transistor is really an excellent his fender.


It's one of my first amp, I bought it twenty years ago (prffouh already) I left long side and bought a lot of tube amps (often very expensive, especially the fender, the vox ...) I've never sold and I rediscovered recently, I use it a lot at home, coupled with a small vox ac 15C1 reverb which is ch *** (I advise all the world to try if you have such radically different amps, the result is quite amazing) just clean with good pedal backward and aby one to two amps. Settings with many doses, the resulting color is really a wonderful (and quite original as well);)

So basically, the most are: the clear, spring reverb, its small weight and the fact that it requires no maintenance unlike lamps (mine has never been serviced in 20 years and is always impeccable) .
The least: the saturation uninteresting to my taste, but I do not use it for that