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mazu 09/05/2006

Fender FM 15R : mazu's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Fender Frontman Reverb Amp Combo

15 watt transistors
trs simple to use
lightweight (less than 5 pounds) and easy transporting and pout trs solid.
2 channels: 1 clean (clean sound) and overdrive (saturation)
1 + 3 band equalizer (bass / mid / treble) common to both channels
+ 1 reverb effect (spring)
+ 2 outputs: headphones and external speaker (8 ohm min.)


Perfect for rptition and / or learning at home.
for beginners, it's a good machine with an excellent qualitprix.

It gave me this amp at the very beginning when I started learning guitar and I must say this is an excellent tool for learning and repetition, and really cheap for its quality. (Yeah I RPET)
on the other hand, this amp does not play in groups with 15 watts is just enough to agree to a drummer cot (cot and a bass player, impossible).
However it is possible to use it as a return to small concerts.
This amp on the clean channel has a very neutral sound and it's a great asset in my opinion.
For example I traffics my guitars from time to time and allows me to really listen to the raw sound of the instrument, and evaluate and assess the quality of assembly configurations (microphones, circuits, cords, etc. ...).
And I'm also used to record my guitar parts on an album. with a good distortion pedals, the clean channel with its own trs trs and neutral, and with my SM57 mic in front of the speaker, I got a good sound trs.


The clean channel has a good sound quality and trs neutral and cold compared to a light amplifier.
With the gain saturation through three quarters and a good SETTING THE equalizer, it is possible to obtain a saturation very powerful, but honestly to play metal that is not at all suited.
Beware if it is not a true branch taken from the earth, it blows a lot.
If you use the reverb, may be interesting to gently shake the amp before, has done better since the spring oscillate.


So even if its use is limited by its power, ease of transport makes it useful in some situations trs.