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MoJoMarco 09/08/2006

Fender Hot : MoJoMarco's user review


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Rverb spring.


Well yeah it's a combo, one branch is lit, turn the knobs until that is done.


Well then let the clear, this obscure low-end amp went silent in the beginners of the 90s for scholarships empty thought a big Fender logo was enough to ring the unit to which the silent fix the 4 presets are real shit infmes unworthy of such a manufacturer, there is no one to catch the other and we understand that this ugly duckling did not make an impression, BUT. .. of water has flowed under the bridge since Pigalle (and elsewhere) and with the proliferation of amp simulators raliste more than each other, guitarists wanting to connect directly to a combo count went as it should be as neutral as possible to avoid producing a sound bouguiboulga quite indigestible. And the miracle, the HOT (in the text) 75W resurfaced from oblivion to tnbres in which he would remain for us dtdfinitivement (re) discovering its prampli trs just typ (Obviously without the presets) and HP 12 "which is no shortage of air, with the release Fidler great for any emulator / pramp / pedals of characters. An effects loop, one between (2RCA) directly into the power amp if you want to replace the pre-amp compltement, it suddenly becomes much more s ducing the guy!


In fact, the guy I bought my scratches (there are about ten years) to me over with! The great intrt of this gear is that it does not much cte resale and currently its largest default is to have sold its output does not, it is relatively rare in our latitudes (called "Automatic" United States). Carrment PowerEngine 60 cheaper than it will give you the same rsultats (with even less when EHJV high volume, do not DCON).
Note: Verify the purchase to maintain the connection of 2 inputs jack fool quality ...