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Fender Hot : Anonymous 's user review


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Audience: Beginners
75W transistor amp that comes
It has: - 2 inputs (hi / low)
- 4 presets sound (five if you count the sound without preset) 3 clean, a crunch, a lead.
- 1 volume, an outline and a reverb (yes it's not a big monster either)
- A CD input, output pre amp, pre amp input, Head phone


So simple you die !!!!! You branch, you turn your volume (just the outline, too) and if you no pédaliter multi effects pedals or, you choose the style of his among the four presets ..... And is that after the happiness ... You played and we quickly had a good sound (especially if there are pedals upstream)


Then the sound, talking about: the two clear sound presets are great, one of two highly crystalline and the second is really soft, fluid .... really love the sound clear this amp. For me far ahead of the clean sounds of Marshall and others.
Saturated sounds: good bah there you can feel the difference between a Marshall and a Fender. The preset crunch is pretty cool for all that is "old rock". It is very how to say?? N'ROLL ROCK!!
Lead then there's the attention because it is a big difference in power between the other presets and it (a little too much even for that matter) because if you play on the crunch channel to one-half the power ( already in the process you will be wrong) and you change channels without lowering the volume: c a murder for your ears .... A lead other than that its pretty cool, but will not solve the metalheads .... For cons I could test it with various multi-effects pedals and here and greatly improves the sound ... so prévoyé pedals and you can then play really at all ... (Except the trash)


Well here is a 1 / 2 years that I have and frankly I'm really happy. It works great I've never been a problem ... well a good little baby very reliable.
Otherwise I think this amp here can be the perfect tool for beginners or for those who want to repeat with a batterie.Pour terms of concerts, in my opinion it is necessary to take it back, but only I think.
This is my first amp and frankly it's good to have a 75w under his arm like that ...