Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]

5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991], Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM800 Solid State series.

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Zanzibar 01/23/2006

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991] : Zanzibar's user review


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It's a transistor amp.
It is given to a 75W.
HP: Celestion Sidewinder 150W / 8 ohm.
EQ: Bass 100hz/mid 450hz/Treb 10Khz
The boost Eq.
Adjustable reverb.
Clean channel + big + disto disto.
Trs is basic, but this amp starts dating.


Configuration very simple. You plug the power supply, the pedals reverb / distortion, the guitar and go!
This gives a sound easy, is it good? that's another story;)
Manuel does not exist, but is it necessary?
It is small, that's what made his relative success in a time less than 20 years can not know.


I am playing a lot of styles, so it does not fit all that I play.
I use a hybrid guitar (Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio pickups, neck and body of luthier wood ???????), a Mexican Start and another skyscraper (sub-brand or other jackson I do not know) ...
The sound is the Marshall, trs not crystalline, but with my stratum gives a clean sound, color lgrement bluesy, not dgeulasse.
On my guitar hybrid, clean sound is not terrible, any trs. The sound without the distortion is qualisation trs garage rock, with qualisation is the distortion typical Marshall. So we like it or not.
With sub-machine, not great, but just the guitar that sounds pretty bad.
Anyway, I mainly used a pdalier. In clear, the effects of pdalier said. It sounded, but like the transistor, farewell beautiful heat lamps.
The DI output is pourrave directly on a console, the sound is unusable (but may be it comes from me). Ditto for the headphone output. In fact, as we do not pass through the HP, the sound is trs "synthetic", so ugly trs.


I use this amp for more than 13 years.
I like its small size (he dubbed the silent cube) and the power it DGIG given its size.
What I like least, that's a "monolithic", too. I mean, even in the qualiseur fiddling, change very little sound. But for those who like Marshall is not Gnant.

I had bought the 4300 era Frs. It made me proud and services rpt concert (configuration scnes bars and small), its power is largely sufficient. I have great affection for this little thing, a little nostalgic. It was my first real amp does even when! But as it is versatile and trs little heat that is sorely lacking, well, you get tired of this little bestiolle was always a frustration of not having a sound.
I think dj for the silent era's report qualitprix some lev (but you have to pay the small white logo on the amp).
Whatever, when you see the price of the amp now !!!!!!!!!!!