Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]
Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]

MG50FX [2009-2011], Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG4 series.

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Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011] : Anonymous 's user review

« Awesome amp with surprisingly good tone »

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This is a solid state amp with crystal cleans and a metal tone to die for. Its a very powerful 50W that would make it break windows in your neighbours house. The amp is fully featured and includes 4 channels, a separate delay and reverb.


Every amp takes some getting used to. It took me five minutes to dial in some serious hard core metal riffage tones. The inclusion of the footswitch is a heaven sent.


All have an ability to sound bad and some can sound really good. The MG50FX can sound really really awesome and can easily hold its own against tube amps in the same price range. In fact compared to say a VOX AC4TV or a Blackheart it sound better and has a bigger range of sounds.


I cannot fault this amp at this price point. I am an avid buyer of gear and cant walk past a really nice bit of gear without lusting after it and ultimately buying it. I am always in my local guitar store trying things out. I tried and bought lots of stuff and have many amps at home including quite a few tube amps. This Marshall certainly has a place in my collection and gets played regularly. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.