Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]
Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]

MG50FX [2009-2011], Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG4 series.

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iamqman 06/22/2011

Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011] : iamqman's user review

« Not very great »

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This is Marshall attempt at the introductory amps for the beginner or low budget guitar players.You get 50 watts of power and a front end digital processor. Along with the reverb in the the amp it has several other effects such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay. For the quiet player it has a headphone input so if you desire to play at home quietly or in your office this is a great feature.

Marshall MG50FX 50-watt Guitar Combo Amp with Effects and Reverb Features:

Output: 50 watts RMS
Speaker: 1 x 12"
Channels: Four, storable
Digital effects, digital reverb
Line in for MP3 and other music players
Headphone/line out with speaker emulation
External effects loop
Power amp damping
2-button footswitch included


Type Solid State
Number of Channels 4
Power 50W
Speakers 1 x 12"
EQ Bass, Middle, Treble
No Amp Modeling
Preamp Tubes No Tubes
Power Tubes No Tubes
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x MP3/Line (1/8")
Outputs 1 x Headphone (1/8")
Footswitch I/O
No Effects Loop
Height 19.45"
Width 20.39"
Depth 10.95"
Weight 36.6 lbs.


The tone from this amp isn't that bad for being a solid state amp. It has 4 channels and all are very usable in the basic functions. This is an all in one amp for a beginner guitar player. Any one who has spent any time with a tube amp will not go for this other than to have as a practice unit for silence or office use. The crunch channel will get you a great classic rock tone. Trying using a Gibson Les Paul or SG and dial down the gain for some good Led Zeppelin tone or Ac/Dc crunch.

The over drive channel is excellent for modern rock and will sound good with any guitar used with humbucker pickup.


At the new price of about $379 it isn't that bad of a buy. If you are looking for a good amp that you don't have to worry about and just need for practicing or silent playing and you need that Marshall tone then this is a good amp for those purposes. This isn't going to go on stage anywhere or be good for recording, but if you need simplicity in a practice amp then this is a great amp for that. It has a good enough tone for getting your chops down or feeling out the neck of the guitar. I would recommend this to any Marshall fan looking for a solid practice amp.