Marshall VS30R
Marshall VS30R

VS30R, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

lonlevade 08/11/2007

Marshall VS30R : lonlevade's user review


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Hybryde amplifier (tube preamp)
30 watts
1 input jack, a footswitch input
effects: distortion, reverb ... in other words, better to have an effects pedal.


The configuration could not be easier (from a 30 watt would be pretty stupid to get lost).
The sound is honest, though vaguely distortion lack of fishing if you want to make very fast solos ... or so you have the option to tapping. The clean sounds are indeed very clear, to tell you, I can plug in an electro-acoustic top. Good rock amp (marshall what)


It is better not to play metal with this machine, but the pop, pop-rock, rock and company get along with. Avoiding the blues, it's a massacre, the sound is too've played for quite some time with a cort m100, this may be why ...
For fun, I prefer to push the gain on the bottom, if it's still a bit tacky. For clean sounds, for against, it's perfect, especially with a chouillat reverb. Good amp for playing in his room when you have a well defined style of play ... Otherwise, the door.


I use this amp for 1 year only, and I want to sell. If he had 30 more watts in the gut, I say that I have not tried to do something more correct ... but ... If the value is honest, it ' is why I bought it. Otherwise I have a marshall 75 reverb and him, he really has what it takes where it's needed.