Marshall VS30R
Marshall VS30R

VS30R, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

hardi_ami 08/07/2003

Marshall VS30R : hardi_ami's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Combo 30w rms transistor
HP marshall gold (written above ..) 10 "
2 channels light / overdrive, reverb
connections: high input impedance pedal input (light / overdrive), line out, headphone out
Setting: - clear channel => bass / treble / volume
- Overdrive channel => bass / treble / middle / volume
- Common reverb

comprehensive issue features I think, maybe not as much as the new series (DFX I think) but I'm happy, and then I like to have my effects pedals


Extremely simple to use
channel clear with my old guitar (Samick a rotten, in fact I would not recommend this brand) I had all his feeble, poor, now I have an ibanez rg570 and I confess I like the sound bcp coming out, although it would benefit from a little more specific. I have some feedback, but it is not necessarily due to the amp, I'll have to track it
In short, expect good mics!

Overdrive channel: all the good, good distortion marshall (ok it is not a tube amp!) only slightly less interesting (to my taste) that my home-made tube screamer pedal. can range from a soft overdrive (quite hard to find the settings) to a pretty cool death metal, which is not a metal zone! but good for the price ...


It's been a year since I play guitar, I start to get along well but I still consider myself a beginner. I play mainly rock / metal (and punk when I want to play something easy that sounds good! to let off steam wholesale). I do not use the overdrive channel since I made myself a tube screamer ts-9 because I find the distortion of a little coarse marshall ... but very well qd same!

power issue, it rocks, my neighbor is sick ...
the reverb is a little discrete but more than enough!


I've had two months, I am very happy
unbeatable value for money, I had to € 125 Used but like new, no scratches or anything and I have a marshall sound is undeniable!
on the tube emulation technology, well it's not Panard. but it sounds good anyway! Finally, it is a distortion by clipping diodes ...

I would do the same choice? for an amp that is home to train and cheap, yes!
I am very satisfied