Vosraider 12/27/2013

Peavey Rage 158 : Vosraider's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It is a transistor amp 15 watts with a supposed imitate the sound of a tube amp technology.


the configuration is easy to kick archi not need to book.

-This is an amp sounds clear then yes it is easy to get a good sound, provided you do not push too.


In his clear-amp is good, even very good however see the drive channel is unusable, too strident.

-The clean sounds are typically Fenderien, very bright, saturated sound sounds like molasses unnamed.

I use it with a Mexican Strat,

-I like the clear sound of this amp, a hot side, which although very far from a real tube amp is still not bad. You guessed it, I hate the overdrive channel.


I use it for about a year, I have tried many other models in its class, not forbid wrong but it is not the best. The fact that the drive channel is unusable can make versatile. It readily accepts distortion and other effects that can overcome this lack of versatility.
In the end it is a good amp for beginners or for those who only have a small budget, it is a good value for money, but with hindsight I do not have that choice in its category there good number of amps that surpasses cheerfully.