CROPUS 03/08/2008

Peavey Rage 158 : CROPUS's user review


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Amp transistors!
15w after the manufacturer and I think they are.
Connections by jacks
input1: clean, bass, mid, treeble + EQ by Shweet modern or vintage.
input2: lead: prs gain, post gain, EQ even chemain that clean.
OUTPUT: PHONE jack stereo
FX: no.


Configuration very simple.
Getting a good sound, is not the right word!
What is a good sound, for which ear?
The manual is good.


It is not appropriate to the style of my music .SHADOWS, PINK FLOYD, EAGLES.
I play STRAT or G & L TRIBUTE 500. without FX.
Rather low medium-acute or crystalline but not really my own taste.
The saturation is not so bad as they say, just need
dose versus what we play well obviously.
Rhythmic, not bad in lead, and although you have to like that it's not good at all, Each one of these tastes!
Try that's all.


Since one and a half years it seems to me, I use it only very rarely.
So what I do not understand these integrated amps that go a CD, is that there is no volume ddi so that the CD is bottom power, unless it ' is a player with volume or output phone.
I have not tried other amps before, and I the ailleure regrte.
He was in the promo and I was just looking for a small amp for home.
Despite everything, this little amp can dpanner for a first amp before buying
a true history of playing with his guitar into an amp.

I do not do this choice, too medium for me, at the little hp and petty cash.