alexiguitariste 12/23/2008

Peavey Rage 158 : alexiguitariste's user review


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It is an amplification transistor (TransTube edition)
it is 15 watts
connect to JACK
there are 2 channels (the clean and lead)
which is the same settings low, mid, hight and more for the lead (pre gain )<=== the rate distortion


It is simple to use surper no need of boukin it serves as a slab just to know his or her c koi
we obtain a sound rather punk distortion and has donf Myen c alternative rock style rather blink 182 at the end of his period I am going is that I play cest
The 19 page manual is useless to me Dailleurs I just find it


Yes agree it your my kind of music as I said above
I play on a piece of wood with a truck JDEC jai home milonga wahhhhhh ^ ^ elipse LP 100
the sound of punk but jobtien quickly as strongly tomorrow night is December 23 Jaura my peavey bandit 112 sheffield
I not answer last question


Its going to be one years jlutilise
not in
no nothing essyaer jlai before taking a 30 euro on ebay he was 3 ½ years
quite the quality price ratio
make the election again yes and no, I rather takes the blazer for a small peavey amp with reverb as he and not the rage 158