iamqman 06/23/2011

Peavey Rage 158 : iamqman's user review

« Peavey scores again!!!! »

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Peavey does it again with there inexpensive and fantastic sounding amplifiers. This amp is only a simple 15 watta amp with loads of options to boot. It is a solid state amp that has a clean channel, a lead channel and a simple Eq section. You also get an input, a CD player input, and a headphone jack for silent playing at your home or office.

There reason isn't anything special about this amp other than it is cheap and good enough for practicing your guitar chops. Some of the latest editions to this model had a modern and vintage voicing switch on the lead channel. This one has is but the original I don;t think had one on the front panel.



8" Blue Marvel speaker
2 channels
3-band EQ
Tape or CD input
Modern/vintage voicing switch
15"W x 14"H x 8-3/4"D
13.9 lbs.


The tone from the transtube is exceptional as far solid state amps go. This isn't going to sound exactly like a tube amplifier, but they get it sounding much better than most solid state amps out there on the market.

I like a Peavey amp with a good sounding Gibson Les Paul or SG guitar. I find that the match between those Gibson mentioned and the Peavey tone matches up much better than Fender guitar. Peavey's can tend to have a shrive distortion tone that needs to be tamed a bit with a good mahogany wood body guitar.


Peavey has since discontinued these amps and are now focusing on there Vypyr series which has now become a huge hit. They still use transtube technology in many of their current amps.

Since they no longer produce this amp the used market is the only way to go if you desire this amp. I have seen them on the classifieds for right around $70 to %100. Not a bad price for a good sounding solid state practice amp with multiple channels. I highly recommend this amp for someone needing a good silent amp for practice.