JackLudden 08/10/2008

Peavey Rage 158 : JackLudden's user review


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This is a small solid state guitar amp. It is a 15 watt amp with an 8 inch speaker. It has a standard guitar jack and also a 1/4" input for CD/Tape. It is a 2 channel amp - a clean and a lead. There are pre and post knobs, a low, mid, and high tone control, and a master volume knob. There is also a headphones jack.


This amp is very simple to use. There are only a few controls and a simple channel switch. It's very easy to modify the sound to try to suit it to what you are playing. The manual provided is clear and easy to understand - it's not a complicated amp.


This amp sounds only fair. First of all it is small, so you won't get any giant, loud sounds out of it. It is a solid state distortion on the lead channel that sounds a bit grainy and dull. The EQ section on it behaves as you'd expect, but the sound of the amp is not great to begin with. The clean channel on this amp is pretty sterile and clear, but doesn't really add anything. There are no built-in effects on this amp to sweeten the deal. If you maybe boost the low and mid depending on your guitar you can get a passable distortion sound but this is no Fender or Mesa.


This was my first guitar amp, I've had it for years and just decided to keep it around. It is small, so it's portable and convenient if you just want it for casual jamming. It is also pretty cheap, which is always nice. However the sound is certainly short of spectacular. Most of what comes out of this amp is pretty tame and thin sounding, there isn't a lot of depth. Also, the distortion tone doesn't change much when you vary the pre knob like you'd get from a nice tube amp, it's all pretty much the same at different volumes. You just have to mess with the EQ section. It is a good value for a beginning guitarist who just wants to be able to hear his guitar as he learns with a little bite on it. Other than that, I'd probably pass on it.