yoTrakkz 11/08/2011

Peavey Rage 158 : yoTrakkz's user review

« There are others that are better than this. »

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I rented the Peavey Rage 158 from a local store to try with my new ESP LTD KH202 guitar. I used to have a Behringer amp with dial-in presets and I hated searching for presets on it (100 effects on a dial with a list of settings in the manual) so I was reluctant to get another modeling amp. This changed my mind about modeling amps.


The presets are easy to dial up using different banks (user, song, artist) with a display that spells out the selection. The amp sounds great for the rock and metal I have been playing on it. I even like the sound of some of the 1950s presets and may toy around with some oldies too. It doesn't come with a full manual but you can download it from the Peavey website (I printed mine out and put it in a notebook for quick reference). Also, it helps to read the FAQs on the website.


I recommend getting the FBV Mk2 Express footboard to go with this since you can control volume, quick loop, and the tuner with it (among other things). I am just now tapping into all the features of it so I am sure there is much more I need to learn about it.


This amp is good for being loud all the time even when you not playing the feedback is too much for me. If you can fine tune this thing and like the sound you get out of it, go for it, but if you like to change sounds often or just need a better amp in general, get one of the earlier spiders (series II or III) they are way better and a better value for your money. Not that spider overal is better than peavey , but this amp isn’t the best one that Peavey makes.