MGR/pooploser 03/24/2002

Peavey Rage 158 : MGR/pooploser's user review

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i bought this amp at a local store for about $80, beacuse i needed a practice amp. and i wish i never bought it!

well i dont like much about this amp, but what i do is the cd input, so i can play along with the music. and it has a really nice sounding clean tone, wich is good for me some times.

the main thing i dislike about this amp is the gain, it is terrible, i wouldnt even call it distortion. it sounds so bad its not even funny, when i first put it on over drive i was like "thats it?" and the modern vintage choice is a joke also, thers not much of a diffrence just like the clean and overdrive. and it dosent even have reverb, wich really sucks, all amps should have reverb.

well i guess its pretty well built, ive kicked it pretty damn hard and threw it across the room and it still sounds the same, wich isnt what i wanted.

so bottom line, if u play clean guitar, well this amp is a good choice, beacuse it couldnt distort if speaker blew. i like the amp for some clean playing once and a while, but i like to play metal, with lots of distortion, and this dosent come close. i use it for a mic amp sometimes, and it sounds alright. but for distorted guitar playin it sucks, but if u play clean guitar this amp is wonderfull. im giving a 3 beacuse it is a good clean amp, so it has some use.

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