MGR/Rick Secchi 05/22/2003

Peavey Rage 158 : MGR/Rick Secchi's user review

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I bought this amp from Electrohill in London, for £65. I needed a practice amp, with a fair range of effects.

The size is good. The volume is quite a loud for its size. I like the cd input, which you can play along with stereo. The option to use headphones is a nice feature.
And the clean sound is excellent. I actually prefer the way it looks than a Marshall.

You can't get a good distorted sound out it. Its not practible to play with other instruments. Theres not a whole lot of choice with effects, so I had to fork out another £65 for an effects pedal.

Its very well built. Its really good looking. It's not too fragile, for those travelling.

Theres not a whole lot of good choice with practice amps. However this is one of the best of them. Theres not much point of paying more for a Blazer 158, theres just one added feature to it.

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