doom_Oo7 11/02/2010

Peavey Rage 158 : doom_Oo7's user review

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Amplification transistor that "simulates" lights: jerry: ^ ^
I assure you, opening, not a shadow of a 12AX7 or EL34!

Power is honorable to play in the room or apartment, except that if you want to have to push the gain distortion, and volume ... Otherwise if you turn the gain to 1 / 4 it will sound really bad.

There's two channels, a few knobs for the EQ.
To begin it is essential!


My faith is an amp eh ^ ^
I had no manual but hey I do not think it is extremely necessary

Okay so if


necessarily expected from a 15 watt peavey it sounds like a mesa RoadKing ... Or even a triple XXX from the same brand ... We will soon be disappointed!

After I had to have during my few years of guitar amps about 8 or 9 "beginners" which I have passed through the hands for one reason or another, and I must say that compared to many it is doing no harm! Generally there are only a crunch / overdrive in the amp like this, this, by putting the volume can be much further! Then the grain is not necessarily great, but with a guitar that sounds not too bad, we survived without too many problems with ...
But there is no doubt that when you want to start repeating group, or you feel close to something bigger, RAGE will quickly become inadequate ...
According to my humble opinion the best in this category is the Roland Cube, plus it can put batteries!


Personally, I saw 15 € Used flea Marseillan in the south of France, I did not hesitate a second!
And I'm pretty served in apartment ...
Now if I had to buy the nine .. I think we can be much better for 100-120 €!

Currently I am trying to get the chassis to make a 5W class A, it will send