MGR/David W.. 02/05/2004

Peavey Rage 158 : MGR/David W..'s user review

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I went to a local shop and looked around to find an amp for christmas because I was in need of one. I was on a $100 budget, so I found this Peavey amp. The guy at the desk played every type of song in this, so I bought it.

When at high power, the distortion sounds almost like a tube amp. The clean sounds pretty good.

When at low, there is no distortion, even on the distortion channel. No effects (you get what you pay for). Distortion can be a little funky sounding at times, which is why I want to get a pedal.

This seems high quality, even though I've only had it for a few months. I have dropped it hard before, but it only got a few knicks.

This is a pretty solid amp that can last you if you don't want to play a gig. It's a good practice amp. The distortion isn't that good, so you might want to get a pedal.

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