MGR/Igor 12/25/2004

Peavey Rage 158 : MGR/Igor's user review

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I got this at my local music store, it was around 120US$

This little thing is great, it has a nice clean tone. Its pretty loud for a 15W amp. The clean sound is consistant throughout the volume range (sounds great at low or high volumes). It has an ample amount of bass. it also features a 3 band EQ. You can really notice the cutoff and boost range. It also has built in distortion. It has a guitar input (affected by EQ and distortion) It has a second input (not affected by EQ or dist.) you can use for another guitar or some line level output that you might wanna amplify. It has a Vintage/Modern swich. Despite what people say, YOU CAN NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE (people that dont notice it are deaf or not as well ear trained as they'd like to think). The vintage mode brings out the mids and highs, it makes it sound somewhat like a tube amp (especially with good quality pickups). The modern mode is a bit more flat, but it does somewhat boost the lower end.

The only things i would have a problem is that the distortion could have been better. The sound of it kinda breaks appart when you crank it up.

Otherwise.. everything is perfect

Its a sturdy unit, you can store cables and such in the back. Its very solid, no unwanted vibrations or rattling at high volumes. The case brings up the low end of the sound spectrum.

This is a great product for its price..! The EQ allows you to create a lot of different sounds. its a good practice amp. You can even jam. youll be heard over the drums and bass. Its not great to perform to an audience unless you play solo, or with someone else.

bottom line: if you can find it for less.. its a steal. you should be very happy with it

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