MGR/sebastian 08/11/2006

Peavey Rage 158 : MGR/sebastian's user review

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i have been playin for about 2 into guns in roses,nirvana,iron maiden,led zeppelin etc. i have a mexican strat 60th anniversary edition right know, althogh i used to play an ibanez gio.

I got this amp from my dad when i first started playing i didnt care if it was a crappy amp or if it was cheap i just wanted to start playing.

i like this amp because its it gives out alot of sound and the distortion has alot of grunge to it.

the only thing i dont like about this amp is that its small i like big durable ones.

the quality is alright just a little flimsy.

after all its been through its held up pretty well its a good starter amp. i reccomend getting a pettle though if you want to continue using this amp.

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