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Pignose G40V
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M Elise M Elise
Publié le 12/05/08 à 21:05
This is a tube amp with a solid state rectifier. There are 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6 power tubes. The amp is unusual in that it delivers 40 watts of power through only a 10 inch speaker. There are jacks on the back for connection to either a 4 or 8 ohm speaker or cab. There is no effects loop or reverb. There are treble, mid, bass and presence controls. There are volume and master volume controls for dialing in gain at low volume levels. Because of its size and weight the amp is easy to transport. I rate this amp high for characteristics because its a fact that simple amps with simple circuits generally produce better tone than complicated ones and that's what I care about.


This is a simple straightforward tube amp modeled somewhat after vintage designs and that is really part of the amp's appeal and good tone. The 10 inch speaker is really a mismatch for the 40 watts if you plan to crank the amp up or play in a band because 40 watts begs for a 12 inch or 2 or more speakers. But for practice the 10 inch speaker is great because it keeps the amp compact,light weight and portable.
Its easy to get a good sound out of the amp if you keep the midrange control at zero or 1 or 2. For some reason this amp (and the Pignose 60) are voiced on the trebly side so you've got to keep that midrange knob way down.


This amp is a poor man's Fender amp. It is suitable for country,blues,jazz,and classic rock. It is not suitable for modern high gain rock/metal. I've used the amp with many different guitars and for many different styles. I also own a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue and a blackfaced 72 Fender Super Reverb. The Pignose does not sound as good as the Fenders nor does it contain near the same build quality but the sound is close and has the nice benefit of master volume that the Fenders don't for getting some grit at low volumes. The sound from the Pignose in comparison to the Fenders is thinner, less rounded, less clean, less shimmering and there is a feel that is missing due to the solid state rectifier. But it is still a very good tube sound that beats the pants off a transistor amp. The amp's sound can be improved by switching to better tubes (which you can do yourself and does not require re-biasing) and using better or larger/more speakers.


I highly recommend this amp especially if you can find it used. I bought mine used for $150.00 many years ago and have had no problems with it. The amp is great for that kind of money. In fact I know of no other tube amp that offers such classic 6L6 tube sound in a push/pull configuration for anywhere near this kind of money. What I like most about the amp is its simplicity, master volume and small size. Its a great Fender type compact practise amp if you can't afford a Deluxe Reverb or really want a compact size.
And you can easily haul it to a friends house or hook it up to bigger speakers for loud playing.
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