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emish 09/08/2007

Squier SP-10 : emish's user review


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2-band equalization serious - agu
10 watts


Super simple setup: we have the sound you can not ask much more!


Its pretty clear plutt even pretty good the quality fender is made the appointment.
Its distortion no more than crappy SETTING THE pr gain. the sound is dirty and I'm still drooling looking for the style of music which belongs to the disto ...
There is a diffrence in sound level between light and not the distortion.
I think there are better for beginners.
I put 4 / 5 for clear, 0 / 5 for the distortion


I deprecated this amp ... there is not much draw. For the price you will find old gnration amps for less money lev. The clear sound is of the same lot (and ice slamming hope ...). This amp lets you doubt the quality of your game by changing the amp to a Peavey rage 108 of the 80 I had the impression of progress Manir unbelievable!