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maymay 10/25/2006

Hughes & Kettner zenTera Head : maymay's user review


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For amplification, c all-digital. I would say even what is the best in digital yet.
The head delivers 100 Watts largely sufficient repeated with a 4 hp, even if not c lamps.
Level settings and effects are:

A pack of amp simulations ranging from classic tweed fender, mesa jcm 800 to rectify and Warp at Hughes.

Complete hyper connectivity, but hey c not the most important.


I have no manual in French, but after 2 or 3 hours, with a walk on the 100 factory presets, I think we easily find happiness.
To do his own sound and tweak, l c a little longer: after three weeks of use to obtain a satisfactory result. Still without throwing look at the manual.


Bah, c the most versatile amp I know. With you can really explore all registers: jazz, funk, blues, death metal and not the problem as well with the simulation Nu metal Warp plutt well done.

I play mainly metal and simulations of the correct type mesa boogie are quite impressive and super enjoyable to play. It exceeds in quality anything that does is up to now in terms of numerical simulation (Line 6 Vetta ..)
The clean sounds are hyper practitioner. They can work with a flange, phaser, delay and reverb trs good quality too.
Now it is certain that all these sounds sound a bit clinical. C trs clean and cold (although some simulations of type overdrive blues have lches t)

For warmth in the sound should see amps lamps, c but much less versatile.

C c which is nice we can play down the volume in his room without problem and the resulting sound through the headphone jack is trs trs good. Not convenient to wake the family APRS 22heures!

Weakness: The legalization: the three bands proposed are not always as efficient trs simulations used.


I've had two months:

the simulation models, the headphone jack on top (with a good headphone when same), the work done by Hughes and Kettner on distorted sounds including Rectifiers, and also the sound stays clean and even quality even when the amp is pushed by repeating Feedback attention to, however with high output pickups emg type 81.

bof: the equalization
The report price is a little quality prs justification can not compare an amp lamps of the same price just because it does not do the same job.

I pass by jcm 900, randall warhead, the rack system engl, ada mp1, mp2, without amp etc ... I have here a sound quality that I never found before.
Now nsatisfait Lord, I change my amp every 6 months, so ... we'll see.