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iamqman 10/29/2011

Ibanez TBX150H : iamqman's user review

« Meh not great but decent for the money »

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Ibanez is really known for their tube screamer petals and they're very inexpensive and versatile guitars. They're not quite as known for the amplifiers but they do make some very inexpensive amplifiers for the money. This amplifier is known as the tone blaster extreme guitar amplifier head. They're rated at 150 W and they have two separate channels. Had basically no more clean channel and then you have a hot ride high gain metal type channel.


150W at 4 ohms
Two discreet channels
2 separate 3-band active EQs with parametric midrange on channel 2
Normal Channel w/Switchable Overdrive
Hot Channel w/Switchable Boost
Gain and Volume Controls Each Channel
Reverb and Resonance
Channel, Reverb, Overdrive and Boost Footswitch Jacks
Accessory Compartment
LED Indicators for Channel, Reverb, Overdrive, and Boost
Effect Loop


This guitar amplifier can get some decent tones for the price but it's not to be any type of their musical amplifier that you get from a Fender or Marshall amplifier. You have the basic EQ section of game, bass, middle, trouble, volume, and reverb for the clean channel. On the high gain channel you have those EQ sections as well as a push poll type of separated control in the middle position that give you a hotter level control. You also have a couple buttons to click for even more game such as the X mode. One thing I don't like about this guitar amplifiers yet to send in return effects levels on the front panel the amplifier. I never like this on any amplifier and I know the PBS done this in the past. It seems to clutter up things in the front a lot more.


At new you can find these amplifiers for right around $250 which is a great price for someone starting out in the electric guitar. You can't find a lot these days right around this price you can get 150 W high gain amplifier that is great for anyone learning how to play the electric guitar and needs multiple channels. It's not a boutique amplifier and certainly not a very well-built guitar amplifier but it will get you the tones you need any very inexpensive costs.