Marshall MG100HFX [2009-2011]
Marshall MG100HFX [2009-2011]

MG100HFX [2009-2011], Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the MG4 series.

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iamqman 08/01/2011

Marshall MG100HFX [2009-2011] : iamqman's user review

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Marshall has gone way down hill in recent years. Their JVM series amp sounds ok but nothing great or spectacular. There last newest amp that was decent was the Marshall JCm 2000 Dsl 100. That amp was great workable amp that sounded good and had the right blend of tone and features. This amp is the MG series which is no tubes but all solid state tone and sound like garbage.

This amp has four channel and all of them sound about the same as far as soul and feeling. This amp has no feeling at all . You cannot get any type of dynamics or feel in a solid state amp. You get a bunch of on board effects built right into the amp which is nice for the beginner guitar player ho wants an all in one amp set up.


* Power: 100W RMS
* Channels: 4
* Stompware footswitchable (not included)
* EQ: 3-stage
* Damping: FDD onboard and additional 2-way selector
* Custom Effects: Reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, delay
* Emulated MP3/Line in
* Emulated Headphones Out
* Effects Loop
* Dimensions: 23-3/10" W x 9-4/5" H x 10-4/5" D
* Weight: 25 lb.


The one saving grace for this amp is the FDD feature. This gives the tone a bit more girth and beef that makes for the tone to be more like a tube valve amp. It will not quite make it completely accurate but will have enough boost int he tone to make it worth listening too.

The amp does have some decent sounding effects like the delay,chorus, phaser, and flanger. You also get some reverb but that is on a lot of tube amps as well. These effects are the basic most heavily used effects that any guitar player would use on a recording session or in a live band setting. You get a very usable sound out of these effects and make it easier to not have to carry around a pedal board to you gig or rehearsal.


AT new these amps come in right at around $359, which isn't a bad price for a 100 watt head. Why you wold need 100 watts of solid state power is beyond me. I would recommend this amp to anyone needing a loud practice amp. I would not gig with this thing or bring it out to any band I was trying out for. So a practice amp in home is where it would stay and to why I don't need 100 watts of power.