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le grogneur 02/18/2008

Randall RH200SC : le grogneur's user review


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See below


Nothing more simple, and it sends you plug the chip!

Very easy to adjust, and can have big sound very quickly!
There is no one Pelet de pots to grind, so his sound is found quickly, both in its clear that saturated


I mainly of metal (death) ... The saturated fat is good, big sound very clean, but for me it lacks a little EQ as the V2 to tune, but considering the price, you can not have it all.
Adding an EQ (for me an MXR M108 10-Band) brings a lot: more attack, and a more sharp! With the MXR, the saturation is enormous, yet clean and sharp!

I was playing (there are some times that) on a JCM 900 head and metal area, and I find randalll much more powerful, big sound that was heavy and clean.Moi follower amps lights, I must admit that my head réconsilier with the transistor!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the clear sound that is crystal-clear (I play with an Ibanez Universe 7-string steve vay) ... The chorus is a little more, though not fantastic, it brings a little heat very nice. A small delay is over I think to bring something really nice. However, it is true that I use mainly saturated ...


I use it for 2 months and I am very happy considering the price!
Never tested in live, however, it seems very robust.

It's a head I would recommend for zicos who have not a lot of dosh and above which the metal, because even if the clean sound is pretty cool, it is not appropriate especially for the rock (the transistor provides the too "clean" to saturation), let alone the blues ...

However, it remains fairly Polyval I lacated

Finally, for this price, you can not find major fault! Perso j'adore!