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ur-quell 02/24/2008

Rockman Sustainor : ur-quell's user review


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A transistor preamp dating from 80

there are an input jack for a guitar to the front
et al 3 rear connection for footswitch and 3 for an effects loop

This preamp is separated into four "modules": the compressor, gate, the preamp has two channels and can have a choice of 4 different sounds changed to some extent) and finally a volume control that contains a "treble booster "assimilated presence of a knob


The config is very simple, just get used to the gear (the four parties are not totally independent) was not used to see what types of controls in a preamp (fader, knob, pousoirs.).

atention to the use of treble boost it really adds treble

Despite these drawbacks, but the sound is good at hand: At first we hack and then you get used to the setting

the black dot: the channel change, the choice of two volumes and the bypass are only accessible by footswitch: you should necessarily acquire (at least for a channel change)


This is the highlight of the preamp
4 proposed the sounds are very good.
the clean (notably the clean true type 2) are really not bad
a semi clean button apel allows for a slight crunch
distortions in the register it is not doing too badly notament through self clean that alters the rate of distortion depending on the volume of the guitar.
a fader treble trimmer adjusts the treble distortion therefore to have a more harsh or more shrill
the compresa doing its job (in spite of the unique adjustable sustain longer)
generally are obtained in crystal-clear clean sound really a distortion which operates more acute in the midrange
(D eqaliser V fan you would not be happy)
Of course this is not a real versatile lacks equalizer to really give the bass (although the loop is for that)
but everything in it is really good.


I have since qq days so I really do not toured the machine (I would change that opinion in a few months)
I really want to stand out from other preamp out of the usual config
It's a system that I find really different. that it is not versatile vriament does not bother me I prefer it to do only one thing well rather than any means.
in price is really cheap.
it cost a bit more expensive That a distortion pedal in but its actually more.

No I have not too much experience with the first aproach but we feel that it is a device that will not disappoint.

Edit 24/02/08
I like this preamp always the same. compulsively bought it ended up replacing my old stuff
I must say that my preamp was a precedend GT8. I sold and plans to invest in a chain effect 100/100 analog.