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riffseb 01/25/2005

Rockman Sustainor : riffseb's user review


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Pramp analogue to 1 / 2 rack, jack connection only ... 6.35 in the 80's produced from 1986 until 1992 (later bought by Dunlop brand ... do not rely on the service-APRS sale, and more ... y'en dunlop monster is a time when there a. .. Repair Tool)
good, the car look like the 80's, must love me .... drang has not, and in addition there are plenty of pretty LED lol


Trs simple. The rglages DIFFERENT:

1) - pramp gain (level pramp)
- Sustain along (compression level)

2) - smart gate (bypass function)

3) - distortion / filter
can select the type of sound (clean / distortion) then the level of distortion rgler, also two types of noise gate Intgr ...

4) output
- TREB boost
- Rhythm volume
- Volume 1 / 2 (for stereo)

otherwise, a link trs cool: (with much better explanations)


For fans of 80's sounds!! I am a fan ... so I love the clean sounds are amazing, and 2 types cln CLN2 (DPOS by Rockman), crystalline and clear ... really try this quality is impressive!! arpges the sounds of funky, bluesy ... it's really good with the trs intgre compression is a pure rgal.
Sounds ... 2 types saturated edge and dist ... super typs, trs accentus at the mediums you imagine ... even not the number of sounds that I scratch up with this toy ... all the guitarists in the 80's had this pramp, groups of hard, through the "pop", funk etc.. So to make mtal is not at all a, albeit with a qualiseur worthy of the name, I get the trs trs trs big sound!! but it's more on the (big) rock, heavy ... see the harmonics are fabulous ... I love playing with feedback, and with this pramp is an r gal: you get it very easy, and even a small amount excellent feedback!
Edge: the well well pchu rock, heavy rock rhythms!
Dist: rockman with distortion typically is duly!


I use it for six months, but it's a sound I wanted for ages. I am fortunate to have the pdalier, which is standard, and allows her to move from one another (one clean one distortion) and also to initiate the bypass. It is the only point that I found ngatif, the failure ACCS that two sounds (instead of 4).
For it is against the great stuff, a quality production that is more solid and it trs!!
Only found in time, if your fans of 80's sounds, go ahead, this is a killer pramp!!
Obviously I do it again this choice with his eyes closed. Associated with the stereo chorus of the same brand, you enter a sublime sound dimension. That top, but trs typ!