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Aml EZ1073 Clone
Aml EZ1073 Clone
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arnoldorodeo arnoldorodeo

«  Superb alternative to the original 1073 »

Publié le 04/23/14 à 05:17
Value For Money : Poor
transistor preamp rack 1 U
Section 2 preamp inputs (mic/line/48v)
EQ section with the same points as the Neve 1073 EQ
Trim output adjustment (not serrated) to finely adjust the output level.
Choice of impedance: 300 ohms or 1200.


No manual thumb old: rely on his ears ...


This preamp is anything but transparent.


Purchased in August 2013 so much had time to experience the "beast". If I had to define the sound of EZ 1073: Large dynamic output, very very punchy and perfect to bring to life synths or monotonous voice a little slender.
I had to spend a good year to scour the internet to buy a Neve 1073, alas disillusionment: Either a vintage overpriced (with the risk that the model purchased slap in the following two years ..) or LB or Model 500 which purists say they sound less fat than the original. Finally I started to ogle clones but then again, so many contradictory messages for the most known (BAE, Aurora and others ...).
And finally, I found laudatory articles in the place of Ez 1073: Same pattern as the original 1073, transformers Carnhill Class A input and output, unbeatable price, Preamp + EQ and two mic inputs (48v) and line. Bought on the advice of two large sound engineers-sounds, no regrets! Just one small problem: No Power switch so remember to unplug utilisation.sinon ask you out, it's just the best way to get you the Neve sound without breaking the bank so delusional.