Aml EZ1073 Clone
Aml EZ1073 Clone

EZ1073 Clone, Solid-State Pre-amp from Aml.

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Spacedogstudios 02/07/2021

Aml EZ1073 Clone : Spacedogstudios's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I just built up two AML 1073 rack units and quickly tested today without even calibrating it. I just wanted to make sure they power up. First of all a few words on the quality of the product: components are very high quality, extremely well organized, not even a nut is cheap, all is divided into bags with value and all the infos about the components, all resistors are already cutted and bended and organized in the box from the first to the last...  Never seen this before. You don't need to look for anything, you can't go wrong. I had built many units, Hairball, Capi, Soundskulptor and other difficoult stuff. This is the best kit i've ever seen. So is the building guide, clear, easy. Very difficoult going wrong unless you are doing it in rush. But... Even better is... The sound!
I have preamps from: Thermionic Culture, Chandler, Api, Dakings and more. This is my first real 1073 with eq preamp, i have some 500 clones. I just tested singing into it in my Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones thru a Dangerous Source. The sound is so warm, a bit compressed like if you had it thru a fat, tube compressor but very natural, just so smoth. That was a vibe i had never felt with any other pre. So low noise and so warm but also tight. Compressed but punchy. Amazing... I need to test it better but first impression often are real to me. I used a Sennheiser MD 441. For that cheap i doubt you can find something better, and also in the expensive range of stuff. The eq was amazing too. No harshnes, tons of dynamic and that classic Neve cruncy "smoked" sound. I can't belive i have such a great addition to my studio for that cheap. My taste and ears. The only word to describe the sound is... good. Cheers