BAE Audio 1272
BAE Audio 1272

1272, Solid-State Pre-amp from BAE Audio.

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moosers 02/14/2010

BAE Audio 1272 : moosers's user review


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The Brent Averill 1272 is a dual channel microphone preamplifier designed piece for piece after the Neve 1272. The unit requires a power supply for it, which sometimes comes with it and sometimes does not. The unit has XLR inputs in the back and 1/4" inputs in front. It is rack mountable and will take up a single rack space in a traditional rack case.


Even if you have no or very little experience with mic preamplifiers, the Brent Averill 1272 shouldn't prove to be too hard to use. Having said this, it will mostly likely be the experienced users using the 1272 anyway, as this is a top flight piece of gear that is not to be messed around with. The 1272 simply has knobs for setting your gain levels as well as a knob for output level. It also has built in phantom power which can be engaged with a button. As you can see this is a very basic mic pre configuration and a manual should not be necessary.


Like the original 1272, the Brent Averill 1272 has one of the best sounds possible for a mic preamp in my opinion. I've never had a chance to shoot them out, but after using both this, the original 1272, and everything in between, I'd say that this does a damn good job of replicating the classic 1272 module. It is definitely the kind of pre that can be used to record anything and everything. It just has that mixture of clarity and thickness that I'm after with every recording that I do. This is one you must try and hear for yourself to believe.


Brent Averill is one of the best when it comes to recreating the classic Neve modules, and the 1272 is one of their best. You're always going to pay a decent amount of cash when it comes to Neve modules, but this one isn't overpriced or anything like that. This is made for professionals looking for sound quality regardless of price, so I'm assuming that if you're looking into the Brent Averill 1272 you understand this. Absolutely a worthwhile piece of gear to check and try out whether you can afford to buy one or not.