MXL iBooster
MXL iBooster

iBooster, Solid-State Pre-amp from MXL.

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mrjason 03/07/2013

MXL iBooster : mrjason's user review

« I Jam on it! »

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The MXL iBooster is a guitar and microphone interface that is on for a Mac computer. There have been a lot of bad reviews on this product in the past with people complaining about the quality of the recording but it only cost 35 dollars. What kind of quality recording do you expect to get for 35 bucks?


It is very easy to set up, and when I just want to take my Macbook and guitar and go out somewhere to play and get inspiration I take this with me instead of taking my regular portable interface because it is too bulky sometimes and this can fit right into my pocket. It has a ¼ and 1/8 power supply and comes with a guitar adapter cable. You can use it with Garage Band or Logic but only for a Mac because it is not compatible with a PC.


The preamp that is on it is not the best but I didn’t expect the best for this price range I only got it to record some stuff with on the fly and have fun with. I take it out with me to the park, and jam on my laptop all of the time. I recommend anyone with a Macbook to have one of these and just leave it in their laptop bag or keep it on them at all times so you can also record or just jam.


If you are a Windows User, you will need to look into the UPHONO UFO202 from Behringer, or the Beringer Guitar Link (because it is as similar to the iBooster as a Windows system will get). I love this device and if anything ever happened to mine I would replace it right way. It only cost 35 dollars and it is a lot of fun. It even looks stylish as well.