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grozeil 04/14/2006

Rane SP 13 : grozeil's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Well, this is a two-way 1U prampli a priori exclusively Reserved pramplification the signals from a Chapman Stick. In fact, Rane had dvelopp prampli a two-channel DDI for acoustic guitars with piezo channel DDI, the other micro "normal" (AP13).
Greg Howard has used his set in the AP13 has collaborated with Rane to offer this prampli players to stick.
Be aware that this prampli is primarily useful for micro Sticks with stro liabilities. For my part, having a micro active with Stereo output level acceptable, I use it primarily for its ability to signal routing, which are really nice.
In front, there is a stro between. on the other hand, facing rear is Byzantium! It has two inputs that allow insrer insert two multi effects (I use this config personally). It also has two loop send / return that can be used with simultanment insert. We have a stro Expand In between, which allows you to add and mix in-house sounds of another instrument (in my case, I connect a synth module Roland GR20 type).
Output, there are two XLR + 2 jacks with a push button that can switch the output signal of mono Stereo. On l'balle!


So, no, the config gnrale is not easy if you start to connect the multi effects. I must say that I am not good in technique, this can be said that. In addition, the manual is succinct trs trs ... I aid of an article that trane on the net and explaining all the possibilities of the machine in terms of routing. A thanks, I finally get out.


Used alone, the Rane is a superb prampli dnature that by no means the grain of the instrument. Both are super effective EQ, no problem! So that I do my multi effects for modulations (I disables the EQ of my multi) and rverb '.


So I use it for 4 years I think. Frankly, I can not do without. For a small fee, players have the ideal solution Stick Fully dedicates their instrument. The report price is good quality, I can not remember how I'd pay in total (with the customs fees and VAT, since it is only available in the United States, and again, I think it n 'is manufactured ...), but must be less than 500.
It's shit because perfection is not of this world, but I put 10 ;-)