moosers 10/30/2009

Vintech Audio X73 : moosers's user review


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The Vintech Audio X73 is a single channel microphone that also has built in EQ.  The unit is an analog piece of gear and requires an Vintech power supply which I believe is sold separately.  It has a 1/4 inch connection in the front, and has XLR connections in the back, as well as a balanced 1/4 connection.  This is indeed a rack mountable piece of gear and will take up one rack space.


The make up of the Vintech Audio X73 isn't too hard to follow as everything is pretty clearly labeled and organized well.  If you have ever used a Neve board, you'll probably be somewhat familiar with this configuration because it is modeled after a Neve pre.  As far as parameters go, it has a line level (gain) knob, and then has four bands of EQ - one of which is a high pass filter.  It also has a knob for overall output level and has switches for phantom power, EQ in/out, and phase.  This isn't too hard of a channel strip to use as these are features that are pretty ubiquitous.  I haven't seen a manual for the Vintech Audio X73, so I can't say if it would be helpful or not.


The sound quality of the Vintech Audio X73 is outstanding.  It is a direct copy of the Neve 1273 pre, just put out by a different company.  It would be very hard for someone to tell the difference between this and the real thing, as this is made really well.  I would recommend using this pre with anything and everything as it is just an overall great sounding pre and will work in just about any situation.  I love the way that it sounds on vocals and overall you are getting a thick sound with this pre...


I first used the Vintech Audio X73 about two years ago and have since always been impressed with this pre whenever I am able to use it.  I believe that Neve makes the best microphone preamplifers that money can buy, and this does a great job of copying that formula.  While definitely expensive for those on a budget or with smaller home studios, it is still a great deal because when compared to one of these manufactured by Neve, this will cost you a lot less.  If you are looking for a top flght mic pre, regardless of if you are a professional or an amateur, the Vintech Audio X73 is a great place to start.