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Sonor user reviews

  • Sonor HiLite

    Sonor HiLite - tirylafrance's review


    Sonor Hilite white laqubr /> GC 20 "/ 20" Tom 8 "10" 12 "13" Tom 14 "16" Black lacquer Snare 14 "/ 5.5" …

  • Sonor S Class Standard

    Sonor S Class Standard - " sonor is powerful"


    I combine this for 9 months and I've tried a few yamaha, tama and other Mapex store has 900 euros and there's no new photos! the sound is powerful with harmonics mastered, the toms have a depth of his amazing, the bass drum with 22 skins evans ema…

  • Sonor S Class Standard

    Sonor S Class Standard - " VERY AVERAGE"


    3 months ago I use I had: sonor hilite, yamaha maple, recording, Slingerland, pearl .... It is a soft sound that lack of material relative to the hilite ... plus the hardware is pretty bad ........... (brittle shell which broke from the 3rd da…

  • Sonor Force 3007

    Sonor Force 3007 - " Sonor Force 3007 a massacre"


    Pure beauty, the shells are strong and beautiful, the sound is deep it is precise hot and it is easy to adjust, the toms are very good for any style bass drum is a pure killing a power my friends! The floortoms are very deep with very good sustain, t…

  • Sonor Sonic Plus

    Sonor Sonic Plus - " super!"


    I bought it in November 2010, it was already a double occasion. I've never seen a drumkit as strong, I move every week for 2 years it is still in good condition. Its level I find it great, the bass drum is powerful and toms have good armoniques. I us…

  • Sonor Ascent Jazz Set

    Sonor Ascent Jazz Set - " WOW o_O"


    How long have you been using? I used this drumkit for almost a year and much drooling long enough to make my friends ;) musicians. Did you try many other models before buying it? Not much, I have not had to do, in fact, this drumkit was dire…

  • Sonor Force 3003

    Sonor Force 3003 - " Correct"


    It has been almost four years that I have this drumkit. The 3000 series were better before, apparently. I had trouble finding what the wood used (sometimes it says there are 7-ply maple, sometimes something else.) Manufacturing side, it is not Ge…

  • Sonor S Class Standard

    Sonor S Class Standard - " very good instrument"


    How long you use it? 4 years Did you tried many other models before buying it? a good bit (pearl, gretsh, tama ...). Before I was typing on a Transfer, a stick disguised as a drumkit What is so special that you love the most, least? Very go…

  • Sonor HiLite

    Sonor HiLite - " Price of a Sonor Hilite"


    Hello, I possess a Sonor Hi-Lite black version that I bought used in 2008 my teacher has a drumkit so he can end his month-end. It really did not want to sell and very much regretted. I started my career is over but in recent years it has taken ad…

  • Sonor Phil Rudd Signature Snare Drum

    Sonor Phil Rudd Signature Snare Drum - " A very good clear Claisse"


    Once we have this snare drum in hand, we see immediately that it's serious. True to the reputation of Sonor is the solid and the finish is perfect. I love the look very sober with the shiny chrome. This simplicity coupled with the perceived quality m…