Sonor Signature
Sonor Signature

Signature, Drum Set from Sonor.

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memey 10/31/2011

Sonor Signature : memey's user review

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I own one of my first Signia time blues funk fusion, and as I play the big rock at the moment, I was looking for the drumkit of my wildest dreams, a "sound signiature" but as the prices are very high for this kind of instrument I just abondonné, when one day I found an ad on a sonor signature special edition, very rare model as barrels painted brilliant and not mâte.j 'I jumped at .24 Dec. 14 16.
I am not disappointed, it is in my expectations, very difficult to adjust the matron but so happy! of the big 24 sends the pate and frankly it's a model that is beautiful to watch! I have and that's long!!
it's called "JOSIANE" the snare is a sonor signature brass by 14 6