Sonor Signature
Sonor Signature

Signature, Drum Set from Sonor.

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yéhan 08/20/2006

Sonor Signature : yéhan's user review


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I use it for one month
Unfortunately when I purchased two used was:
Tom of a 13 * 13
1 large box of 24 * 18
then first the drumkit dcline the two types: heavy shell in beech, birch shell light (that's the one I own)
and well despite the flattening of the shell was light birch is a thick one !!!!!!! dmentielle Exceeds 1cm ..... thickness of sound in brief its best !!!!!
the other, the screws!! surprise even the threads of the tie rods is twice as balaize tie upscale classic .....
then the sound ..... one wonders what it's going to see the kind of OBUT it ......
it's rock rock rock !!!!!!! tom 13 * 13 team by emperor transparent for typing sounds very deep (no not have a sound all mushy) provided the best sound in the tunings are quite dtendues, it is fairly easy rgler.La projection it is HUGE !!!!! I have never heard that before! having dja jou of orion, Starclassic, custom maple .. .. is the signature that has the best projection!! knock on the tom and you tremble!
so now the best for last: the bass drum ......
I bought a quip events in rsonnance unfortunately a bit bulky for my taste
and a stripped pine ... in short strikes in the skins at a disadvantage!
and no fault was the power of 24 * 18 is l!! power standard, many low frequencies (it feels good underfoot) and also the gently flapping! ! was a large but its really very easy argler in the absolute: it was the sound instantly. the system of double internal mute is very ffective, it is a dual band felt that rubs the skin to hit with a wing screw on the RULES varying contact surface for a more matte or less, forget skin type II superkick Aquarian, Evans EMAD or other ....
is a drumkit that sounds in three words: GRAVE, MAT, POWERFUL
here no need to leave the tape for any matter ......
it gives me a drumkit rsolument rock is a different sound than the high end of today, less brilliant, less shade .... this is the true sound of rock Chire without finesse, a bit in the vein of tama arstar 2 !!!!!
Over time it is clear that I would redo this choice especially since I did not pay my CHRE two barrels, the problem is that these are rare and super batteries Cher g nrale!! advice to warriors go to Germany to find this stuff has the best price ...