Sonor Signature
Sonor Signature

Signature, Drum Set from Sonor.

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the wait 01/12/2007

Sonor Signature : the wait's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I was fortunate to play on this instrument during a period of about six months during a turn.
Terrible is the word that best applies to this monster.

to be short and simple: Atomic !!!!!
any time you tape it, the barrels are deep, and take off your ears every keystroke, the bass drum is fabulous, it was she who flies you, it is really powerful, really.

I like the least, its price, it has no comments.

Personal, currently I'm still on my strength in 2000 (with some improvements to +) and ca is more than enough for what is below the elbow.
I also tried a lot of different things because of my job, and I saw many brands and models very interresting, even in low price.

klitprix the report is the measure, not the price but Klit.

if you have one, I will rid free, I promise.
We can dream all the same .....