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Sonor user reviews

  • Sonor Force Maple

    Sonor Force Maple - " Very good high end Sonor"


    I use a model since April 2010.C is a second main.Modèle TA (tulip ashe - matte black veined) Configuration 20x17, 8x8, 10x8, 12x9, 14x12. J'eu owned before this one kit Sonor Signature Bubinga, and before that also a Sonor Delite Birch. J'eu a…

  • Sonor Force 3007 Jungle set

    Sonor Force 3007 Jungle set - " I love it!"


    - How long have you use it? I bought it in December so I played for one week -Have you tried many other models before buying it? Not especially since I bought it a favorite. -What is so special that you love the most, least? Great littl…

  • Sonor Force 3003

    Sonor Force 3003 - " Good & easy given his Mdium"


    Following the purchase of an electronic drum, I spare the Sonor Force 3003 for 600 euros (see announcement on the site) …

  • Sonor Force 3003

    Sonor Force 3003 - " Great sound!"


    This drumkit is trs trs and versatile bass drum 22 "sounds carrment standard! This is not the first prize or a drumkit of quality, it really helps to make shades and have a game that is not cared for a brief collection of pots ... …

  • Sonor Signature

    Sonor Signature - " sonor signature special edition"


    hello, I own one of my first Signia time blues funk fusion, and as I play the big rock at the moment, I was looking for the drumkit of my wildest dreams, a "sound signiature" but as the prices are very high for this kind of instrument I just abondo…

  • Sonor Force 3005 Snare

    Sonor Force 3005 Snare - " super sonor 3005 100% maple maple full"


    I use it since 2007 I have other snare but this one sounds great for a small price I was pleasantly surprised with the result simply equipped with the ambassador hitting skins and emperor in resolu and voila (though soft typing and a little les…

  • Sonor Force 2003

    Sonor Force 2003 - " Big sound"


    I use it since 2002 I have an 8, 10, 12 13 16 and 22. The snare is exceptional! slap it hard! the bass drum is also very powerful. the toms sound correctly with remo pinstripe. nothing to envy of some other brand! Frankly VERY GOOD value for money!…

  • Sonor Force 1000

    Sonor Force 1000 - " not bad"


    It's a drumkit in poplar, which was the "low end" of Sonor at the time. I acquired my Force 1000, a standard config: GC.22, CC.14, TT.12, TT.13, TB.16, used for 400 francs in 2001. I do not practice regularly since the drumkit only 3 years, and …

  • Sonor SQ2 Maple

    Sonor SQ2 Maple - " Rolls Sonor" has images


    I use it for 2 years. I also have a Pearl BRX, I also had a Pearl MLX, a Yamaha Manu Katche, and Ludwig. It is lightweight Birdseye Maple (maple) 10 "x8", 12 "x9", 14 "x14" and 20 "x20" all drums vintage. My snare is a Sonor Designer 14 "x6, 5" Map…

  • Sonor Beech infinite

    Sonor Beech infinite - " drumkit atypical" has images


    it's been two weeks since I have it, I already did three scenes and what I can say is that Sonor hits hard with this new drumkit. The sound is excellent, chrome good bills, and cream matte finish is the most beautiful effect the positive: the sound…