Ketron SD2
Ketron SD2

SD2, Sound Module from Ketron.

Dan.2000 10/26/2010

Ketron SD2 : Dan.2000's user review

«  The small box and big sound! »

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Small lightweight expander.
More than 500 sound effects, reverb, chorus, delay, distortion, leslie
RCA Audio + Headphone
MIDI + MIDI Through
An editor is on pc: It


nor any button on the device, so everything must be controlled by MIDI.

The manual contains complete information.

The editing and sound effects are almost impossible without the software vArranger (NRPN SYSEX +)


sounds is really the highlight of this module.
Well pianos, Rhodes great, great organs, accordions are not better on the market, electric guitars sound correct unless START excellent (acoustic guitars are passable, but the styles are the Ketron sound very good), low round, rich strings, super solo violin, brass, well, great solo saxes, banjo and bagpipes great! Live drums with the software vArranger useful, it allows you to play rhythms legendary Ketron format (PAT). The batteries are good but a bit redundant.
The ability to create his own drum kit would be very welcome!

With the software vArranger, you have sounds that are combinations of several sounds SD2, giving sounds even richer!
The term is average, the sounds are very realistic effects, the subsistence minimum.


I use it for 3 years.
I still have my Ketron SD1! the SD2 includes the majority of the sounds of the SD1, + some new sounds, sounds less than certain ....

On the negative side I see:
Polyphony 36 notes, just a bit.
-On some sounds we hear points of loops, as if the sample editing work was done a little faster.
-The quality of the converters is not great and it can be felt from the SD1
-Some sounds are a bit too loud compared to the rest of the banks, but it fits
- Auto-power + midi via USB would have been welcome!

Super-sound module whether GM midi listen, or to make recording on your DAW
- Small and lightweight transportable so LIVES for travel or avionics is top.
- Sounds very usable for LIVE
- But what is best of the best is with the software vArranger, you transform your little SD2 arranger in a luxury SD1 SD5 or in transportable!

If you want to add some realism to your recordings, or a light module for LIVE, It's definitely a module in your house.

Note that there is a superior model: the Ketron SD4 which has the same features + some buttons to change the sounds + USB + Audio + 2 MIDI jack. The sounds seem more airy and precise, but somewhat less involved.