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Thread Analog Mixer, Firepod interface, Firewire, Sonar 7? Help

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1 Analog Mixer, Firepod interface, Firewire, Sonar 7? Help
I Have a few questions related to setting up a FP10(Firepod). I do not have a Firewire port on my PC yet.

1. What features should I look for when purchasing a firewire PCI card? (6 pin, 9pin,Transfer rate, ETC.) Or should I buy the cheapest card I can find)

2. I currently have a live rock band setup (Drum kit, guitar amp, Bass amp, Vocals.) all channeled through a analog mixer(yamaha MG24/14fx) to amp/cabinets. I want to start doing some recording (seperate tracks) without rerouting cables to firepod everytime. Is it possible? The jacks available on mixer per channel are (2 inputs XLR and 1/4") and a Insert I/O odbu. Not sure what the 1/4" Insert I/O is for? Can I send to firepod from that jack? Or do I feed instruments/mics to firepod first and use the outputs to feed mixer?

3. What are minumum requirements for PC to record 8 tracks at once?

4. To be honest I'm not real familiar with Inputs and outputs as far as (preamp, line level, balanced, ETC.). But I do have some good common since, But still a little hesitant when it comes to plugging cables in to jacks that are not obvious. Any help here appreciated.

Any advice would be great, I plan to be using Sonar 7 Studio, My plan is to have a stage setup for jam sessions and also be able to record for now up to 8 tracks.

Thanks, Mike