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Thread Mixers, computers...

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1 Mixers, computers...
Right, well this kind of refers to my post i posted earlier, but i sort of understand a bit more. What I would like help clearing up is this...
I’m going to be buying parts to build up a home studio...A computer, mixer, mic’s etc. I only have experience recording with my Samson C01U, which is basically jus plug into USB, press record and play :P
I’m thinking about buying a mixer in the next couple of days. A friend said they could get me one of these quite cheap


I think its analogue, but I’m even lost on what that means, can anyone help just describe basics about how you link this to your computer, what computer requirements you need etc.?
Cheers, Chris.
analogue mixers are linked to a pc via sound card. simple

digital mixers have their own interfaces (usb, firewire...)