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Thread Cool Edit 2.0 (pro) lOTSA PROBLEMS!

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1 Cool Edit 2.0 (pro) lOTSA PROBLEMS!
Hey everyone. I am just about at my wits end here. Two basic problems, and any help would be more than appreciated.

I record music on my computer using a pre-amp, two keyboards, a Samson (really nice) microphone, but I know nothing about computers. I have had my set up for over a year with no problem. Then I had to wipe a hard drive and re-install cool edit (same version)..now I am getting a lot of problems...

1. It only records on the left channel (and I know its not just the jack or whatever, because I am using the exact same stuff I was. This problem happens on both my desktop and laptop. I am not having a problem getting live output when I play through the computer...comes right out of the speakers. The problem is just that ONE CHANNEL ONLY! If I FORCE the recording on the other channel it will work, but it will NEVER record on both at the same time.

2. The other problem is that I tried to install that new adobe version on my desktop, but it was doing a few weird things. A- it was re-recording the first track every time I put in a new track (i.e. doubling it up) And of course STILL only recording in one channel. AND GET THIS.....every track has heavy reverb...for NO REASON! Its like its default reverb! I cannot get rid of it! So then I go back to cool edit 2.0 on the same machine, and now ITS REVERBERATED TOO!

I know this is a loaded post..music is my life, and I just don't know what to do to make things work. No one seems to be able to help me.

hey all im using cool edit pro and i dont know how o icolate the instrment patch iff any one can help it would be muthc apreciated thankz
1. set your recording source correctly in the audio properties panel. you are recording a mono source into a stereo input, so it will track just one channel.

2. it might be an fx in the input. are you using Creative sound drivers?
Im not sure I understand how to do that lol.