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Thread Help! Not sure what gear I need.

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1 Help! Not sure what gear I need.

I want to start getting into recording with myself and a few others but are not sure of the best approach.
I dont want to spend a fortune, but want to be able to make decent reocrdings.
So far I have found a few options but not sure which would be best.
Also, any equipment I buy, I dont want to become redundant and need to be replaced when buying other gear.

Options I have thought of:
1. Buy and MTR and go all out with that.
2. Buy a mixer with at least 4 xlr preamps and an audio interface.
3. Buy a mixer that has a built in firewire/usb port that can send the 4 preamp tracks as seperate ones into my software.

Now you may want to know what I need to record and how.
I would like to be able to record with very low latency, near zero, and overdub tracks.
I would want to have the option to mic a drum kit (at least one dynamic bass mic + 2 condenser overheads)
Mic at least 2 guitar amps playaing at the same time, but lay down as seperate tracks.
Record good Vocals with a decent condenser mic
Record acoustic guitars via X/Y config or a mono condenser.
Have at least 2 dynamic mics for vocals.

I want to be able to keep gear at a minimum and be able to use the dynamic vocal mics for micing bass drum and guitar amps etc. Personally I like the third option of mixer with built in interface but am not sure.

Here are my ideas of how to reuse the mics etc, but again I an not sure.
2x Dynamic Shure SM57 or SM58's - Mic bass drum, guitar amps and for backup/live vocals. I also understand I may need an extra one or two as spares.
2x matched condenser mics for stereo recording acoustic guitar, and overheading drums.
1x Studio condenser mic for vocals (large diaphgram i think??)

I am not sure what else I need, but again I want to keep the cost low, and be able to have multiple uses for each mic if possible, but still have best quality results.

I am open to any opinions or suggestions, so please let loose!!

Kindest Regards,
i think you have everything figured out...

i would suggest using a simple interface with mic preamps, but since you plan recording drums too, then an "all in one" mixer is your best choice.

the onyx firewire series from mackie is quite good.