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Thread Static noise with Cubase - please help??

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1 Static noise with Cubase - please help??
i'm new and i'm using the c1000 (studio projects) to record acoustic into my laptop through the lexicon lambda. it came with cubase le. after the mix down, i can barely hear the product and to make matters worst, there's static over most of it.

any advice??
sorry, studio projects c1. as far as it being up to task, i thought the same thing. could it be the microphone? as soon as it's connected, the buzzing starts.. whether i'm recording or not. sucks!

i went back a couple threads and tried everything.. turned the monitor off, light, tv. when i try to do the EQ.. or mix it down, it takes some of the buzzing away, but then it loses a lot of the acoustic and vocals.
moonz! thanx a lot. moving the cable around seemed to help out a lot.

i was only tampering with acoustic. and now i notice when i record with the electric through lambda, it makes a weird crackling noise.. only when i touch the strings. it's weird.