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Thread One Amp for Bass Guitar and Elec. Drum Kit?

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1 One Amp for Bass Guitar and Elec. Drum Kit?
Hi Folks!

I'm about 6 months away from building up my home studio but as part of getting there I intend to get a couple more instruments. I'll be getting a bass guitar in a couple of months time, but until then I have just ordered an electronic drum kit (Roland TD-6KW). I would like to get one amp to use for both and thus save on floor space. I've had a good search on the forum but can't find any answers or suggestions so was wondering if anyone would be able to help me.

I have no intention of gigging in the near future so anything around the 30-50W mark should suffice for a few years of home practicing.

The drum kit has the Roland PM-10 as an optional add-on, but it does not appear to have the option to run a bass into it as well, nor does it have headphone output.

Is it possible to have one amp to run both instruments without causing any damage?

Is there anything specific that I need to ensure that I have in the amp so that the kit does not become redundant/unusable when I do eventually get around to buying a mixer?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Similar enough that I didn't want to start a new thread, if you're not fighting the lows, what would be the repercussions of plugging a bass and guitar into a mixer and running the output to a single input amp?

I've got a UB802 and one amp, but I'd like to practice with my kid (but not record at the moment). Are there any hazards of connecting to, say the bass to input 3 and the guitar to input 4 and run the main out to the combo amp input?

well it depends i guess...i would suggest going for two smaller amps and putting them on top of eachother...that'd save floor space. but i dont think one amp for the two is a good idea because the bass from the kick and the bass from the guiar are going to fight eachother like two people who want to fight eachother really really bad...try things see what works, ive never used an eletronic set so id have no clue